The HOLISTEEC project aims at providing the European AEC/FM industry with a comprehensive design approach taking into account the whole building life-cycle and the influence of the neighborhoods, with the objective to make a decisive contribution to built environment energy efficiency improvement.

 By means of HOLISTEEC, all the actors involved in the building value chain including architects, designers, contractors, owners, component suppliers, users and related public authorities will be able to effectively interact in the different design, construction, operation, and maintenance phases of the building, ensuring that the best construction techniques are applied, possible problems and drawbacks early detected and correction strategies promptly applied, contributing to boost high quality new energy efficient buildings design and construction.

The main objective of the project is to design, develop, and demonstrate a BIM-based, on-the-cloud, collaborative building design software platform, featuring advanced design support for multi-criteria building optimization, taking into account external neighbourhood-level influences.


  • Dashboard provides a user interface that adds to and enhances the functionality available in the BCF collaboration tool BIM-it ( ). The focus of the Dashboard UI is on organizing and filtering workflow information and communication
  • Model browser allows the user to interface between the CAD design model (represented by IFC files) and the HOLISTEEC data stored in the KPI server, which is created during the design workflow
  • KPI requirements setting tool enables the user to define KPI Definitions and KPI Requirements, and these new definitions are added to the "KPI Server" web database
  • NIM scoreboard is a web environment where any user can manage different NIM projects and access to different functionalities for model transformation, simulation and on-line visualization.
  • MVDs check and filter tool defines  subsets of the IFC needed to satisfy a specific task or application, i.e. HOLISTEEC simulation engines
  • Simulation engines calculate KPIs in 4 relevant domains: energy, environmental, acoustic and lighting
  • e-Catalogue provides relevant information on AEC products
  • Multi-criteria analysis tool  provides suggestions on the basis of the results coming from simulation engines
  • Scoreboard shows and compares results from simulation engines

The HOLISTEEC platform and tool will be applied to real cases, namely four pilot projects especially selected to demonstrate the new holistic approach in different contexts and typologies of building projects, proving its potential for market replication.


HOLISTEEC final review meeting!

On September 21st HOLISTEEC project will present final results to European Commission!


Sustainable places 2017!

HOLISTEEC project organized a joint workshop with other 3 collaborative project!


Technical meeting in Madrid!

Focus on validation activities and fine tuning towards final demonstration in September 2017!