Project Description


Despite recent evolutions of tools/practices in the Architecture Engineering, Construction and Facility Management have already resulted in considerable advances, some limitations remain, related to the complexity and variability of building life cycles, addressing building end user awareness and participation, lack of new business models, life cycle fragmentation, limited interoperability of the ICT supports.
The main objective of HOLISTEEC is thus to design, develop, and demonstrate a BIM-based, on-the-cloud, collaborative building design software platform, featuring advanced design support for multi-criteria building optimization



HOLISTEEC software platform will account for all physical phenomena at the building level, while also taking into account external, neighborhood level influences. The HOLISTEEC concept relies on a combination of:

  • Field knowledge, brought by the big players of the European AEC sector: building life cycle workflows and practices, business models, value chain knowledge from major actors of the building / engineering domain. This knowledge will be used as a base both for HOLISTEEC platform specification and for validation of the HOLISTEEC platform services.
  • A full-fledged BIM framework, encompassing all building level physical and non physical aspects in an integrated way, while also addressing neighbourhood level description. This data model will heavily rely on and extend existing standards (IFC, CityGML) and will feature easy plug-in interfaces for third party tools. It will rely on existing technological results from the project partners.
  • A holistic multi-physical simulation engine, able to capture and assess in an integrated way building performances in various dimensions at building and neighbourhood level: energy, environment, acoustics, lighting. This result will also rely on results from the research partners and the software editors involved in the project.
  • A web-based, BIM-enabled, on-the-cloud, collaborative design software platform. This platform will rely on the HOLISTEEC BIM framework, to provide collaborative design support services, encompassing building models exchange / access management and smart visualization. Here, the consortium brings its intensive background in BIM design tools interoperability and its field knowledge of design workflows.
  • A building design decision support tool, relying on advanced artificial intelligence techniques and on the multi-physical simulation engines, able to provide semi-automated, focused, assistance for fast and optimized design decisions.



HOLISTEEC Strategic Impact

HOLISTEEC is expected to have a direct impact at a macro level on the construction sector as a whole, through the following aspects: improved overall process efficiency, improved stakeholders collaboration and conflict resolution, lifecycle cost reduction, reduction of errors and reworks. These impacts will be quantitatively evaluated during the demonstration and validation phase of the project, where the proposed design methodology and tools will be extensively applied to four real construction projects, in parallel to standard design approaches.