Dissemination Material


This document represents HOLISTEEC project "Dissemination material". The current dissemination materials designed in the HOLISTEEC project have been updated according to the elaborated methodology and the new architecture of the HOLISTEEC Platform. The consortium concentrates on brochures, posters and the information content for the HOLISTEEC website which will be demonstrated in the following chapters. Download

Model views and exchange requirements specification

Technische Universitaet Dresden

The following document represents a report on  "BIM views and exchange requirements specification" developed in the framework of HOLISTEEC project. It refers to the activities carried out within "Building life-cycle information framework" of the project that aims to provide a set of high-level services, relying on BIM infrastructure and core services, to enable remote, collaborative, BIM-based-building design. More specifically this deliverable is the outcome of the actives done under the topic "BIM views and exchange requirements definition" that focused on setting the foundations for the generation of the so-called "BIM views" which rely on the preliminary specification of exchange requirements. Download

Core services

Technische Universitaet Dresden

The present document reports about research activities performed on core services architecture specification and implementation towards the implementation of the HOLISTEEC BIM infrastructure. Download

BIM Framework Implementation

Iabi-Institut für angewandte abi- Bauinformatik e.V.

This is a technical deliverable to support the design and development of the HOLISTEEC framework platform and its associated applications. Its main focus is in describing the underlying technologies such as BCF, agreed upon conventions for using them including predefined workflow schemes as well as needed definitions to support the HOLISTEEC workflow.
The workflow, including all collaborative aspects, being mainly focused on the design stages of a project within the HOLISTEEC methodology, is created with easy adoption to later construction and building lifetime management phases in mind.
Software implementers may later use this deliverable in addition to the actual technical specifications when creating implementations for the HOLISTEEC Service Oriented Architecture, as many concepts are being explained by not only presenting the result but also the involved design parameters leading to the proposed solutions. Download

HOLISTEEC Building design methodology

D'Appolonia S.p.A.

Project HOLISTEEC aims to develop a BIM based collaborative platform so to support relevant stakeholders in the building design process. To achieve this goal the early project activities have been focused on the identification and characterization of a new building design methodology that will set the baseline for the definition of the specifications and the functionalities for a HOLISTEEC tool. This document is dedicated to the presentation of this methodology. Download